Hello! I am Frini

Hello! I am

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long story short

from Cyprus to Provence

I was born in Cyprus in 1961. In my early teens I moved with my family to Italy where I lived for the next 15 years. For the last 25 years I have made Aix-en-Provence my home and it is here, in Provence, that I chose ceramics as the expression of my creativity. It is from the Mediterranean colours and materials surrounding me that I am able to draw my inspiration, visible, above all, in the vibrant and muted hues of my ceramic pieces.

Raku is about
earth and fire

Among the different materials and methods I use to make the ceramics, it is the RAKU technique that I mainly work with. RAKU is originally a Japanese way of firing the ceramics. The clay artwork is taken out of the kiln after having been fired at very high temperatures and, while hot, immersed in wood shavings. This process creates a thermal shock and random black cracks appear on the ceramic pieces. Hence, every piece of my artwork is unique. The other techniques I use are FAIENCE and TERRES MELEES (mixed clays), which enables me to re-create some of my Mediterranean heritage such as lace, archaic idols and various fishes through the medium of ceramics. My ideal is to bring an artistic touch to ceramic objects in every day use.